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Monarch Butterfly in the Domain


More temperate and tropical than its neighbor to the south, New Zealand's North Island is home to the majority of the nation's Maoris, the country's largest city, a primordial and temperamental volcanic region, stunning waterfalls, pristine lakes and miles of beaches.

Auckland, New Zealand's largest metropolis is blessed with two harbors, 102 beaches within an hour's drive, 23 offshore islands and a perpetually lovely climate. "The Queen City" where a modern mix of Polynesians, Asians, and Europeans has created a delightful metropolis beneath the skyline's 1,082-foot Sky Tower will surprise you.

Visit the Museum of Auckland to learn about the history of New Zealand people, the Pacific, flora, fauna and landforms of this unique islands, told within a memorial dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives for the country.

Enjoy A unique opportunity to experience sailing an America's Cup grand prix racer. Become part of the crew and be encouraged to take the helm, exert energy on the grinders or simply sit back and enjoy the action as you sail down the Auckland Harbor.

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